Hey, User! Do You Know What Your Apps Are Up To?


It’s International Data Privacy Day, not that most people would likely know that — or, some would argue, care. And therein lies the rub. Privacy, we are constantly told by those with their hands on the levers of power, is not something users are bothered about.

Thing is, that’s an exceptionally convenient argument — given how much money there is to be made from amassing vast troves of user data. So I just don’t buy it. Not whilst so many tech companies’ purpled hands still reek and smoke on the security and privacy front.

Perhaps the truth is not so much that people don’t care about privacy, but they are being socially engineered not to care by those with a vested interest in getting their hands on the data. Just think of the lengthy T&Cs and EULAs that digital consumers have been encouraged to ignore for years. And which still routinely go unread almost every time a person downloads an app or signs…

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