Jony Ive Is So Focused On Design He Doesn’t Know Apple’s Key Financial Numbers

Creativity and financial strategy sometimes does not go together.
First try to boundary of accessibility and the second one grow numbers.


Apple design lead Jony Ive spoke to an audience at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art last night, the Wall Street Journal reports, addressing the difficulties in designing an Apple smartwatch. The Apple Watch design process was “difficult and humbling” because of the expectations consumers have with regards to wearable tech and fashion, Ive said, but perhaps his most interesting comment was about his lack of awareness when it comes to Apple’s top and bottom line financials.

Ive made a point about Apple’s focus on product design above other concerns, suggesting that the company is worthy of applause for embracing the ethos that products come first, and profits will follow. To drive home his point, Ive made the surprising confession that he’s not familiar with the actual numbers Apple announced during its most recently quarterly earnings, including its annual revenue of $183 billion, or its $40 billion in profit…

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