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The most important part of materialized website or application development.
Tough is to focus, focus, focus. Get a deadline online and present incrementally to polish version.
Surround yourself positive mindset in order to captivate audience target.

Bullet point to take in consideration:

  1. Know the final product (apps, website, animation, video…)
  2. Established your goals and determine who in charge for validation step stone on the project.
  3. Written creative briefs and give to all members involve.
  4. Put on writing on the layout, element involve (Software, assets gathering, contact of clients, list of problems to solve….)
Meet with the clients for deep briefings. Keep efficient and short.
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Are you feeling professional

A couple values that we share.

A professional learns every aspect of his profession.
He learns what expected and made impossible possible in a conscious manner. He corrected mistake and create a system to prevent.
He completes tasks as soon as possible. He remains level-headed and optimistic. He faces up to other’s upsets and problems.
He uses higher tone:  Enthusiasm, cheerfulness, interest, contentment. He persists until the objective is achieved. He produces beyond what expected.

“Love life and enjoy it to full. Enjoy the moment. Reflect on your life. Make every second count. Don’t have regrets.”   Richard Branson