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Christmas, 2014

Merry christmas

Wind Against Current

By Johna Till Johnson
Photos by Vladimir Brezina and Johna Till Johnson

Our 2014 Christmas treeMaybe it’s because we spent last Christmas on the waters of the Florida Everglades. Or maybe it’s because this year has held more than the usual vicissitudes. For whatever reason, this year we found ourselves focused intently on the traditional trappings and rituals: A live tree, with real candles. A wreath, with ribbons and a bell. Roast goose, mashed potatoes, and cabbage. Christmas carols.

And they were wonderful: As the sun set on Christmas Eve, the apartment filled with the scent of roasting goose (overpowering the fresh fragrance of pine). Dinner that night was magical, with light glittering everywhere, and the sound of Christmas carols on the air.

Johna's favorite ornamentChristmas Day, we slept late, then spent a splendid several hours opening gifts. Okay, more like a few minutes doing the actual opening—but since most of the gifts…

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Quito Week Two


Where to begin? Too much has happened in the past week so I’m gonna have to do a list, I know I do Arts but I’m not an English major so gimme a break:

1. School excursion to ‘Mitad del Mundo’ aka the middle of the world – a museum dedicated to the Equator and the indigenous people who used to live there. To be honest I thought it would be pretty boring, what’s so great about Earth’s waistline etc but it was actually SO interesting, physics is magic to a scienceless mind like mine and there is some cool stuff you can do at 00° 00″ 00′ latitude. The whole thing about water swirling clockwise/anticlockwise when you’re in the southern/northern hemisphere is absolutely true, even if you’re only a metre above/below the equator. Also, because there’s no directional forces on the line itself (I think, the guide only spoke…

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