Strawberry salsa with spinach tortilla bowls




Strawberry is the most versatile fruit. Any dessert can be topped with strawberry jam or sauce or just small pieces. It just adds to the look as well as the taste of the dessert. They happen to be my daughter’s favourite(est) fruit. That’s the main reason why i love experimenting with them. We all have had strawberries in cookies, cakes, shakes, smoothies.That’s when i thought how about posting strawberry salsa! The salsa goes best with tortilla chips.The tanginess of the salsa blends amazingly well with the crispy wafer thin chips.But since I wanted something different, I thought of tortilla bowls. This was even a part of a small cooking event on a Facebook group using selected ingredients being spinach, green garlic, cornmeal, unsalted butter and STRAWBERRIES. So the other twist was adding spinach to the tortillas…and yeah…here I am with my recipe.

Preparation time: 15-20 min
Cooking time: 20 min

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