Quito Week Two


Where to begin? Too much has happened in the past week so I’m gonna have to do a list, I know I do Arts but I’m not an English major so gimme a break:

1. School excursion to ‘Mitad del Mundo’ aka the middle of the world – a museum dedicated to the Equator and the indigenous people who used to live there. To be honest I thought it would be pretty boring, what’s so great about Earth’s waistline etc but it was actually SO interesting, physics is magic to a scienceless mind like mine and there is some cool stuff you can do at 00° 00″ 00′ latitude. The whole thing about water swirling clockwise/anticlockwise when you’re in the southern/northern hemisphere is absolutely true, even if you’re only a metre above/below the equator. Also, because there’s no directional forces on the line itself (I think, the guide only spoke…

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