If Drake Takes Your Lady in Toronto, Hot Beans Can Be Your Rebound


  Hot Beans VTO 1

After a long day of walking about Kensington Market, a hip-foodie-area in Toronto, my co-pilot and I came upon Hot Beans Vegan Take-Out (hotbeansvegan.net).

Beans is amazing. Its hot sauce and cheese sauce had me all in LUV…

I ordered Hot Beans’ Nachos.

Hot Beans VTO 3

My Nachos had black beans on ’em, salsa, the-LUV-of-my-food-life guacamole, house-made tofu sour cream and Vegan cheese Sauce.

It goes without saying that these nachos were great and did not weigh me down, but we have to take special time to do a very special shout-out to Beans’ cheese sauce.

Beans’ Vegan cheese had me ready to call California like, “Look, I think we should just eat other food, I think, I think, I LUV Toronto…”

Beans’ cheese really set off this dish and made it all an awesome, tasty experience.

So when in Toronto, remember to hide your lady from Drake and stop by Hot…

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