At California Olive Ranch, Technology Takes Root


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[tc_dropcap]Say the words “California and economy” and most people today think of Silicon Valley with its multi-billion dollar valuations and manic focus on what’s going to be the next Square or SnapChat.[/tc_dropcap]

But drive inland from the Pacific Coast and other valleys open up. Valleys steeped in history like the Salinas, the San Joaquin and Sacramento. Stretching literally as far as the eye can see are fields upon fields of lettuce, tomatoes, almonds, rice, grapes, wheat and artichokes. In fact, many foods humans can grow to eat will take root and flourish in the state’s fertile valleys. California literally feeds the rest of America.

But it doesn’t always do it easily — as recent droughts have proven. And often, the state’s farmers achieve harvests with massive amounts of technology tucked behind picturesque orchards and perfectly organized fields.

That’s intensely true at California Olive Ranch, an upstart in the global olive oil industry…

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