Can BlackBerry Catch A Break?


BlackBerry just announced the Classic, a phone that looks warped into 2014 via 2009. While by all rights it appears to be solid QWERTY solution in a non-QWERTY world, it’s hilarious that the company announced their latest and greatest on the eve of what could be the opening of the Cuban embargo and, more important, massive upheaval in one of Blackberry’s major markets, Russia and Central Europe.

But BlackBerry hasn’t caught many breaks in a long while. The Passport was greeted with jeers – Joanna Stern at the WSJ was particularly piquant – and I doubt anyone can name new devices since the ill-fated Playbook. In short, Blackberry has been on a treadmill. They’ve been getting leaner, to be sure, but they haven’t been getting anywhere.

All is not lost just because they launched their new phone on during times of great geopolitical tumult. The holidays are fast approaching and…

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