Locality Launches MassageNow, An App For Booking Massages On Demand


Nowadays you can get a lot of things done on demand with a mobile app. You can get a ride on demand, you can get groceries on demand… you can even get your laundry done on demand through an app. So why not book a same-day massage on-demand?

A new app smartly called “MassageNow” was designed just for that purpose. The app, which was developed by local services startup Locality, enables customers to book a massage appointment with just a few hours notice, and also frequently at a deep discount to what they would usually pay.

The app works to find unused inventory at nearby spas in San Francisco and fills them up at a flat discounted rate. Massages cost $60 through the app, which is below what participating spas would normally charge. The only catch is that you don’t know which spa you’re booking the massage at.

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