A Facebook Hack To A Greater Democracy


Editor’s note:Alex Teu is executive vice president of odrive.

A month after the mid-term elections, the Republican Party is rejoicing and the Democrats are reeling. But it’s democracy that took a big hit.

According totheNY Times, this election was the worst voter turnout in 72 years. Only 36.3 percent of the nation’s eligible population voted. New York drew only 28.8 percent. California and Texas also drew less than a third. Washington D.C., our nation’s capitol, drew 30.3 percent. Appalling.

Why such a low turnout? Sure, there was no presidential election but there is no doubt that apathy ruled the day. I don’t have much hope or suggestions on eliminating apathy but there was one shining ray of hope: It turns out that more people voted when voting was made easier. In Colorado and Oregon, which allow their citizens to vote by mail, had the fourth- and fifth-highest…

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