Gearing Up For The Future Of Connected Workout Clothes With Athos


According to my pants, I’m letting my left leg do most of the work. I already suspected this, but now, thanks to an app and some bluetooth-enabled fabric of the future from Athos, I can prove it.

Athos is a Silicon Valley startup with a new kind of “smart” workout clothing line that aims to improve your performance and prevent injury using data generated from the wireless fabric. It’s betting this technology will be the future of workout clothing.

Trainer and marketing director for the startup, Jake Waxenberg gave TechCrunch a first look at the prototype for its “smart” workout clothes to see how they will function. I sweated for you people in this one. Check it out.

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The bluetooth enabled Core device is $199 and the pants or shirts are each $99. Each item is gender specific and can be worn underneath other workout clothes, if…

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