Facebook Relaunches Slingshot As A Snapchat Stories-Style Lifecasting App


Reply to unlock didn’t work. Neither did dropping the requirement and just letting people freely send photos and videos to each other. So today Facebook took yet another swipe at Snapchat with the re-release of its ephemeral sharing app Slingshot for iOS and Android.

tumblr_inline_ng2mdkl4Ik1seauci-1Now you follow people like on Twitter, but you can still privately message. If you pull down the camera, you’ll see a grid of shots from the last 24 hours by people you follow — a lot like Snapchat Stories.

The difference is you can immediately see big visual previews of friends’ Slings rather than having to open them to reveal what they’ve been up to like on Snapchat. And spying the success of Snapchat Stories stars, Slingshot has a discovery center for finding cool people to follow.

The app is sure to get plenty of groans from critics who’d prefer to see Facebook actually innovate…

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