Twitter Copies Instagram With New Adjustable Photo Filters


Over-filtering can obliterate the beauty of your photos or make them look cliché. So to give you more nuanced control, Twitter for iOS and Android today replaced its clumsy photo filter grid with a much simpler Instagram-style row of adjustable filters. Each filter can be double-tapped to reveal an intensity slider so you can lay that sepia effect on heavy or light to get the perfect hipster sheen.

blog_filtersTwitter first launched photo filters back in 2012 after Instagram made them a fad. But the design for choosing between filters was squint-inducing. Twitter divided the screen into nine tiny thumbnails showing how your photo would look with the different filters. You had to know to tap to enlarge one and then swipe sideways to easily compare the full-screen versions.

Twitter’s new filtering system will roll out to all iOS and Android users today.  Twitter offers a row of filters that you…

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