Tumblr Rolls Out Mobile App Install Ads In The Form Of Shareable Sponsored Posts

Tumblr is new champion of Social Media #yahoo #blog


Tumblr this morning is rolling a new mobile-only ad unit called “Tumblr Sponsored Apps” which will allow app publishers to target the social blogging service’s largely Millennial (and heavily mobile) audience with creative posts designed to drive users to the iTunes App Store and Google Play to download new applications. App install ads, as these units are commonly called, are already a big business for rival social networks like Facebook, where mobile ads now account for 66% of its total ad revenue, with install ads a large chunk of that, and Twitter, which followed Facebook into app install ads earlier this year, and today sees the majority (85%) of its ad revenue coming from mobile.

Now, it’s Tumblr’s turn.

However, in Tumblr’s case, the app install ad units only somewhat resemble the small, card-like posts like those that appear today in Facebook’s News Feed or Twitter’s stream. But really, they’re more like sponsored blog posts…

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