The Sexiest 3 Words a Woman Can Say to a Man

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sexiest words a woman can say photo by pedro ribiero simoes

I know what you’re thinking.

But no.

Let’s have sex” … These are actually NOT the three sexiest words a woman can say to a man. They might be the most instantly sex-inducing words she can say, but they’re not the sexiest. Sexy is about way more than sex.

Also, if you read my recent article, The Sexiest 3 Words a Man Can Say to a Woman, you might infer that these are the three sexiest words a woman can say to a man: “You get this.”

But no.

Men don’t typically find it sexy to be ordered around by an intimate partner. Most women don’t find a man who will follow their orders very sexy, either. After all, there’s nothing sexy about a doormat, or walking on one. (dominatrixing is outside the scope of this exploration)

The three words I’m talking about – whether she…

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