What are your Top Ten Salsa Songs?

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What are your Top Ten Salsa Songs?

After the infamous Ice Bucket challenge, there was a challenge on Facebook  that asked people to pick their top 10 salsa and bachata songs. A number of smooth unknown tracks were mentioned and I will not lie, I was genuinely excited to see what certain people revealed as their top 10. One list in particular caught my attention. Why? While the song choice was indeed impressive, the most impressive if not fascinating reason was the reason behind each song choice. Many a people just simply listed their top ten songs, but one Salsera in particular took it one step further and decided to explain why her top 10 was her top 10.

Enter Martina Petrosino. An Italian salsera currently living in the UK. I first saw her in action on a video posted by Dani K taken at the 5star mambo city congress. She was dancing with…

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