Logitech Keys-To-Go Review: Finally, An iPad Keyboard I Can See Myself Using Long-Term


Logitech has been building iPad keyboards for years – they were among the first to recognize the value of doing so, in fact. But for all their experience, and various iterations of the concept of the keyboard case, the company may have got it most right with a remarkably simple design introduced just this past month with the new Keys-To-Go Bluetooth wireless keyboard.

The Keys-To-Go is an uncomplicated affair – it has a keyboard similar in size to those you might find built-in to its ultrathin iPad keyboard case line, but with no means of attaching itself to the actual iPad you want to use it with. Instead, it’s incredibly thin and lightweight, and has a seamless coating protecting the keyboard’s keys, while at the same time allowing each key to have some definite travel for a natural typing feel.

Included in the set of keys this thing provides…

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