Current Brings A Better Version Of Facebook To The Mac Desktop


A recently launched app called Current turns Facebook into a native application for the Mac desktop. The app offers an alternative to regularly (or perhaps obsessively?) checking the Facebook site in an open browser tab, with support for Facebook Messenger, photos, videos, customizable notifications, and more.

Current is effectively a replacement for using Facebook via the browser, creator Scott Kyle explains. Kyle previously worked at Apple on iOS WebKit and iAd frameworks, so he knows a little something about Apple’s design aesthetic and that shows in Current.

With Current, Facebook feels almost like part of the Mac OS X user interface, with a shortcut in Mac’s menu bar for accessing your buddy list, inbox and notifications. The app also lets you customize these notifications so you can minimize distractions while you’re trying to work. And when you’re ready to respond, each conversation pops out into its own window, allowing you to drag it…

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