DJI Introduces The $2,800 Inspire 1 Transforming Drone

New toy for christmas


DJI is the leader in drones and the company just introduced a radical new model. The Inspire 1 builds upon the success of the Phantom and integrates some of the magic found in the firm’s professional-level drones, including the ability to stream 1080p video up to a mile away. At $2,800, the Inspire 1 isn’t cheap, but it packs an unparalleled suite of technology in its arsenal.

DJI brags that the Inspire 1 combines the professional features with ease of use. It has a transforming design that provides an unobstructed 360-degree view. The legs raise up, allowing the 12MP, 4k camera to swivel 360 degrees.

The drone of course sports GPS capabilities, which helps it stay level in flight. That’s a standard feature in drones now. But the Inspire 1 takes it one step farther and has a downward facing optical flow sensor so it can be completely stable without…

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