Why Are My Facebook Page’s Posts Getting Bundled Together?



It’s your fault. You’ve “liked” too many pages, and now Facebook has to do something about it. Sure you might be following 50+ pages on Facebook, but do you really interact with all of them? You don’t. And Facebook knows it.

That’s why Facebook has rolled out a site-wide change that causes some users to see posts by pages “bundled” or “collapsed” together. Here’s the logic. Whether or not the stories collapse into a single update is completely dependent on user behavior. If you’re engaging with a page’s posts on a consistent basis, the stories will not collapse. If you have not been engaging with the page’s posts within the News Feed on a regular basis, the stories will likely collapse for you. The difference is whether you are a passive fan or a die-hard fan.

Here’s what the bundling looks like. Notice the “posted 3 updates” at the top of the…

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