water, blue, wood, brown

Who you are?

Now your target and what difference you with competition. Have a slogan that define. Keep it simple and inspiring.
Develop product and services strategy that resonate to client.

What a brand?

Effective branding can result in higher sales of not only one product, but of other products associated with that brand. For example, if a customer loves Pillsbury biscuits and trusts the brand, he or she is more likely to try other products offered by the company – such as chocolate-chip cookies, for example. Brand is the personality that identifies a product, service or company (name, term, sign, symbol, or design, or combination of them) and how it relates to key constituencies: customers, staff, partners, investors etc.

When the designer implement a style guide to manage color, consistency on work.

There is a saying in marketing: tell them, tell them what you told them, and tell them one more time. We need to follow the saying and make sure that our brand is communicated consistently across all channels.


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