The Two Most Common Types of “Nice Guys”

Be nice is only the portal. The rest is up to you

The Serious Satirist

“I’m a Nice Guy!” claim many men. But, what does “Nice Guy” really mean? Does it mean “Finishing Last?”
Here’s the thing: Most of the genuinely nice guys that I have met are taken, or are single by choice. They are not perpetually overlooked guys that women don’t notice the value of. News Flash: women *do* notice the exceptional men out there. Really. We’re not dumb. The problem is, many of the self-proclaimed “nice guys” fall into one of two categories:

1. They’re not actually “nice guys”; they’re assholes who think chivalry entitles them to a vagina.


2. They’re “nice guys”, and nothing else.

Let’s go through the first category: “Nice Guys” who are actually assholes. 

Nice guys are kind people. Assholes are not. If you refer to women as “sluts”, “bitches”, “whores” or otherwise, you are not a nice guy. I don’t care if the reason you are calling them…

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