New norm

Modern society has turned away from absolute standards of conduct. Instead of a guilt ethic (restraint by conscience) we have a shame ethic (restraint by fear of apprehension).” Thou shalt not get caught” is widely regarded as Eleventh Commandment.

The successful criminal receives admiration and approval. Our society rewards bigness and success. If one kills a person, one is a murder; if one kills twenty person, one is a psychopath; if one kills a millions persons one is national hero. If a someone steals a thousand dollars society send him or her to prison; but if one steals a million dollars, society sends that persons to congress.

The kind of thieves that Jesus considered most reprehensible were those who did not live by their convictions but by conventions. Business fraud is conventional thievery.
Excessive profits and professional fees become theft when take more than is fair of another person’s goods. There comes a point when profits are not just obscene; they constitute outright stealing.


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