Time to raise some fund

Couple point to consider when you do fundraising:

  • Marketing

Each fundraising events need to be promoted – within the parish as well as the wider community – to be well supported. This role will involve being innovative with various strategies and networking skills!

  • Public Relations/ Presentations

Once the strategy is decided upon, its needs to be presented to intended market. This could involve speaking to the parishioners from the pulpit, presenting prizes, master of ceremonies at event, etc.

  • Graphic Artist / Designers

Creative and artistic skills are needed to design flyers, posters or banners when needed to promote an event. There will also be a need to decorate the venue for a themed event, e.g. International Food Evening, and size presentations.

  • Photographer/Historian

Most the fundraisers need to be photographed and documented for a online presence (website, social marketing platform).


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