Unsticker.Me Rids Your Facebook Of Stickers


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Remember the good old days? Back when posting a funny image or doodle in a Facebook comment thread meant having to go search for one, rather than just opening up Facebook’s sticker catalog?

It feels like it was literally just yesterday.

Hah. Just kidding. I love these damned stickers. I put them on everything. I’d put stickers on my stickers if I could. The world demands a Pusheen/Hamcat mashup sticker.

But I can understand why some people would maybe prefer their Facebook feed didn’t look like a Lisa Frank trapper keeper. Maybe you’re worried that having a tiny icon of two hamburgers high-fiving on screen will make you look super unprofessional when you’re Facebooking at work; maybe you just hate fun.
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Whatever the case: if you want to rid your Facebook feed of stickers, an extension now exists to get it done.

Built with friggin’ lightening speed by self-described fun…

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